learn story of elephants,feed them,walk with elephants,help bath elephants.

  • 8.00am-8.30am: Pick up from hotel in Chiang Mai

  • 8.30am-10.00am: Transport to elephant camp

  • 10.00am-10.30am: Meet the elephants and learn their stories from the local guides

  • 10.30am-12.00pm: Walk the elephants and help feed them. Lots of great opportunities for taking photos

  • 12.00pm-1.00pm: Lunch of delicious local food

  • 1.00pm-1.30pm: Free-time to explore the camp or just relax in our comfy shelter

  • 1.30pm-2.00pm: Take the elephants for a refreshing mud bath

  • 2.00pm-2.30pm: Help clean the elephants with a fresh water bath

  • 2.30-3.00pm: Time to have a shower, get into clean clothes, and enjoy tea, coffee, and snacks.

  • 3.00pm-3.30pm: Say goodbye to the elephants, take a group photo, and leave for CM

  • 3.30pm-5.00pm: Transport back to Chiang Mai

  • 5.00pm-5.30pm: Drop off at hotel in Chiang Mai

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