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     Soe travel local aims to show the uniqueness of the Karen culture and give a memorable experience to those who want to see another side of Thailand. Tours will be given by Karen women, who traditionally have the role of housekeeper and mother, often finding it hard to break free of this role. The project was established and is run by a Karen woman who aims to make the opportunity to work outside of traditional roles available to Karen women and allow them to provide a life for themselves. Guides will show you how Karen people live, taking you through traditional Karen Villages, as well as trekking through the mountains and giving up close and personal experiences with elephants.

    The Karen people have a long history living and working with elephants across South-East Asia. In Northern Thailand, Karen hill-tribes have helped care for elephants within their natural habitat. Through this sustainable industry, the wellbeing of the elephants is of utmost importance, whilst also providing a source of jobs for Karen women in an area where job opportunities for women are scarce.

    The Karen people reside in the hills of the north-western portion of Thailand. Their unique language and culture was formed in connection with their strong ties to nature. The forest and hills are of significance to the Karen people, who use the natural resources of the region to sustain their way of life. Tours will give participants a first hand experience of Karen life, as well as the traditions that make the Karen unique.


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