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nongtao village

Nong-Tao village is a culturally diverse Karen Hilltribe village which offers a comprehensive range of local attractions. There are a couple of nearby elephant camps with private waterfalls. The villagers can provide guided treks in the jungle, many of which connect the various farms throughout the mountains. We have a few coffee plantations that show each step of how coffee is grown and produced. The village grows all of it's own rice and vegetables. There is a primary school in the village which provides classes for students from lots of the little villages that are scattered among the mountains. Students that don't come from Nong-Tao will sleep at the dorm during the school week and then return home on the weekends as the journey home is arduous, especially during the rainy season. Although Nong-Tao consists mainly of Karen Hilltribe people, there are several other different cultures living here and in the nearby area. We have opened these local tourism opportunities in our village as we want to show others something different, diverse, and to help share new experiences not so easily found.

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